About Emma Inks Studio

Emma Inks Studio makes unique greetings cards and wall art with an alternative edge.

Every piece is lovingly illustrated by Emma and has grown from a long time passion for rock music, tattoo art, nature and adventure.

Emma’s personal ethos is to live like you're going to die and to embrace each day your own way - which kinda explains all the skulls. 

Greetings cards seemed like a perfect way to introduce people to her illustrations, as the price point allows everyone access to art and is also a way to connect and spread love to others.

Since launching in 2018 Emma has been working behind the scenes drawing and conjuring up wicked plans to create an alternative lifestyle brand that is distinct in it's style. 

Cards, and art prints are just the start of this exciting adventure and Emma would love you to come along on the ride with her.

Emma Inks Studio would not be possible without you so why not join the crew by reading the blog, signing up to the Emma Inks Studio newsletter or saying Hi on Instagram.  .